Western Digital MyBook Live - Single - 21.02.1 - Can't install


I have a Western Digital MyBook Live 2TB and want to install OpenWrt mainly for security reasons (because of the hack).
I also want to change to a 4TB Toshiba Disk that I plan to remove from external drive Toshiba Canvio
In internal drive is reported as
Toshiba 4TB 3.5 SATA III 7200rpm 64MB - MD04ACA400

I followed the procedure described here

Downloaded the facotry image to install

Gunzipped in Ubuntu and got the openwrt-21.02.1-apm821xx-sata-wd_mybooklive-ext4-factory.img

With the hard disk still it it's USB external drive and mounted in Linux, after deleting al partitions i ran the command

dd if=openwrt-21.02.1-apm821xx-sata-wd_mybooklive-ext4-factory.img of=/dev/sdb1 bs=64k

I am doing the command this from memory; ichecked the /dev/sdb1 was the external drive.
It wrote some 200 MB or something of data, some records IN (once again by memory).
I didn't changed anything in partition, I am not adding the large data partition yet, only after booting and changing the IP.
I took the drive from its case and put on the MyBook Live case.

I plugged it in, for a brief 2-5 seconds the light is blue and than either green from the start, ar amber/yellow first and then green.
I read on the internet that it is supposed to blink 3 times after booting, didn't do that.
I can't get an IP from DHCP directlty connected to the disk.
Changing to static i can't ping

I am writing this post because I am in a so embrionary phase, that I can't remmeber any more troubleshooting steps.

Can you please tell me what should or can do now?
What does the amber or green light means?
If the OpenWrt was corrupted, would the light turn from blue to green?
Is the light control a consequence of the firmware/electronic board only, or does it means OpenWrt is working?

Remember that is impossible being the stock firmware, as that is in a separate 2TB disk that is set aside.

The dd command is fool proof? It deletes everything and puts the image corretly as it should, or can I have some remains of some partition or something that it making a problem?
Is the 4TB disk is supported?
Is there a way of cheking the image is correctly installed in the PC, before installing in WD case?

Besides taking the disk again to PC and restarting the imaging process, what can I do to debug?

Thanbk you very much for your help!

did you compare the partition tables of the current HDD and the new one, after writing the image ?

What do you mean, sorry?
Domt understand what do you mean by compare.

Can you please elaborate? Ty

compare = look for differences ...

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Yes, I know the meaning of the word

What I asked you was to elaborate what to compare ?
The partition table of the current, stock firmware ole disk, with this new one?

Is it supposed to be the same or similar?

anything that isn't different partition sizes.

So, a quick update on the project because you were very helpful (ty once again).
I don't have a scientific explnation for this though...

As I desribed before, I used the DD command, and fdisk -l after and got two partitions.
And couldn't boot so I came to this thread.

Now, as you told, I connected it to ubuntu, and I just got 1 big partition in disk manager (not empty space) and in fdisk -l some GPT partition error.

I don't know what happened, maybe connecting it in windows or something somehow wrote something to the partition? I didn't make any specific command to change nothing!
I don't have an idea...

Re-wrote the image, now with ubuntu writer and it booted OK.

I have changed the ip and will continue the configuration later.

Thank you very much once again!

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