Western Digital My Book Live Duo - unable to install openwrt

Hi to all
I'm new here.
I'm trying to install openwrt using this guide, but the nas doesn't work. I use two WD red as hard disk (the original disk, 2TB each one)
I have installed the downloaded image on the second disk (slot B), leaving empty the disk in the slot A.
If I turn on the nas, it starts, and the led become green. Looking into my rooter, the nas obtain an IP, but it results unpingable.
Could someone help me?

many thanks and sorry for my english

First: let me say: "Hello!"

This must be this extract:

Hm, I think I know what's going on here and also why this could be confusing.

The MBL (duo) is working as a router out-of-the-box with the OpenWrt Image... Because well, OpenWrt is geared towards routers. Your PC would need to fetch a IP from it, but you could also just assign a static ip somewhere in the area and ssh into That is, if your real router or some other network device is sitting on that address on your network already, if that's the case: well you could just plug your PC directly into the MBL and do the setup from there.

Which leads us back to the discussion here:

just this?
I'll try next Monday and I'll let you know
thank you

I see that my wording has lead to a bit of confusion ("running DHCP" could be misunderstood as "picking up its IP through DHCP"), so I hopefully improved the respective paragraph:


It's possible to do that. I have patch that does this (EDIT: too).


Problem here is that unlike the MBL's full dhcpclient, the busybox variant OpenWrt uses does not (and will not) implement any autoip. Instead Busybox has already a different applet for that: zcip. Which does IPv4LL, but badly since the MBL would only need it as a fallback in case it is connected to just a device (like PC) that does not have a running dhcpd server.

Ok, many thanks. Now my WD mbld is working with openwrt

The problem was that I connect the nas to PC trough a router configured with another net (192.168.9.x) and its DHCP service.
Changing your wording may be a good idea.


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