Wemo Switch F7C027 Install OpenWrt 4MB FLASH / 32MB RAM limitation

I bought 2 old F7C027 devices and never managed to pair them to my wemo account.
I think they are too old and no more supported by wemo.
I searched on the net and found the OpenWrt project. The thing is that page https://openwrt.org/toh/belkin/f7c027 says that this devices is limited in memory and last version of openwrt may not work properly.
Is there somebody using this device with openwrt?

Minimum system requirements are 8/64 and better, so OpenWrt doesn't support this either.

It is 16 M flash, and there are builds for it in the RT305x directory. But the RAM is only 32 MB, and the RT3050 chip cannot use RAM larger than 32 MB.

Later versions of OpenWrt require markedly more RAM because they wrap several services in a ujail process. You will need to disable as many services as you can.