Weirdly slower download speed on one device

So I installed openwrt on my Linksys EA9500 and after some fiddling got everything setup. D/U speeds are great! So is my lan speed. Wifi is faster than ever before and I am very happy with this setup.

But there's just one problem....
On my desktop I seem to have a much slower download speed... just download my upload maxes out at 100mbit and so does my desktop. My downloads however never get higher than about 85mbit, I have 1000mbit download and 100mbit upload.
But in my local network I do get 1000mbit download, just not on the internet.

Perhaps someone who knows the problem?

Some screenshots:
desktop speed:

phone wifi speed:


speedtest to my server on lan:

Reset windows network connection "probleem vaststellen" , say it does not work till it says it cant help more.
After check ethtool -S lanX your pc is connected to any checksum,drop,pause/fail to be looked at.