Weird packet drops on 2.4GHz Ubiquity AP AC Pro

Hey guys,

Have weird issue here. When I have 2.4GHz antenna enabled I start dropping packets on any device connected to my AP. If I just leave 5GHz on it behaves fine. So I'm using an old linksys WRT54GL as a stopgap for 2.4GHz devices.

Some background info.

  • AP AC Pro is flashed with latest openwrt

  • Device is over 2 years old so it's out of warranty

  • All is connected to Mikrotik router, acts as dumb AP without dhcp or anything else

  • Issue is only on 2.4GHz either with 5GHz enabled or without

  • Device just stops responding both on wireless and wired interface

  • It happened suddenly and worked fine before

Any help to figure out the issue is appreciated.