Weird MAC addresses obtain IP

Hello all,

I recently made some changes to my network as I actually moved my OpenWrt at the back of my telco box, so it is the only device connected to the WAN. All the devices are connected to the LAN including a wireless access point.
All devices are DHCP enables & I made a reservation for each of them to easily be able to recognize them. However I've got some strange devices that appear & I don't know who they are and I am unable to recognize these MAC addresses...
I've tried to find the manufacturer with no results...

What do you think about this? At least I should try to make the DHCP denying them an IP... But no idea on how to do this...

Any help would be appreciated to understand!

randomized MACs ? not unusual now days ...


Yes, those are likely Apple or late Android which use a random MAC on wifi to increase user privacy. This is the default operation but it can be turned off in the device's settings menu.

The "locally administered" bit is set on all of them, as the second digit is 2, 6, A, or E. All of the other digits may be completely random. Such MACs are not in the OUI database. Globally assigned "factory" MACs have a second digit of 0, 4, 8 or C.


OK, I've understood...
I've checked on my iPhone 8 on iOS 15.1 and there is a setting I had not noticed in the Wireless entry: Private address. When I untagged this entry, the real address appeared... So this helps
Thx again!

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