Weird android issue after internet comes back up

Netgear R7800 running 22.03.2.

I've had a weird issue that is occurring after the internet/modem goes down. Once the internet service is restored, some apps in Android appear to be not connected to the internet and basically just spin indefinitely I've reproduced this issue with multiple android devices on the network. The weird thing is that I am able to access the internet through Brave (browser) on those android devices, while other apps do not work.

Non-android devices are able to access the internet just fine via wifi and wired through the same AP. Even if I switch to another AP on the same network on the android device, the android device will work fine.

I've had some luck restarting the wifi on the router to resolve this issue, but restarting the whole router is the only thing that consistently seems to fix the issue.

Any ideas? To be, it almost seems like there's something stuck in Android download API that gets stuck on a prior download.

Tried manually setting DNS/IP statically on the phones this time around, no change in behavior.

Have you tried to disable IPv6 in anyway?

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