Website Login: Auto-Type with Password Manager impossible


I just tried to login to the forums and noticed that it's impossible to do so with the auto-type feature of common password managers (I use KeePass).

The reason is that there's a "Send login via E-Mail" link below the username field. That means the automatic type function tabs on the link and opens it instead of entering into the password field as usual.

I know that many people use auto fill options and other ways to enter passwords, but keeping them locally in a password manager and using the auto-type function is a very safe and rudimentary way to manage passwords, so it should be supported in my opinion.

Maybe it's possible to just move the link and keep username and password fields adjacent or change the tab cycle?

You should ask this question in the Discourse forum.

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KeePassXC > > Edit Entry... > Auto-Type > Use custom Auto-Type sequence:




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