Web UI to reboot to another partition (for Linksys/ZyXEL dual-partition routers) and to power off/power down


Headsup that we may soon need a slight change, as the Linux version string will grow by one character, if I count it right:

root@router3:~# dd if=/dev/mtd5 bs=1 skip=32 count=25 2>/dev/null
ARM OpenWrt Linux-4.14.99

ARM OpenWrt Linux-4.14.100

After 4.14.100 we will need one character more, 26.

currently 4.14.101 looks like .10:

Partition  Status   Firmware/OS (Kernel)  Action
1  Alternative  OpenWrt (Linux 4.14.99)
2  Current  OpenWrt (Linux 4.14.10)


Thanks, PR sent.