Web UI to reboot to another partition (for Linksys/ZyXEL dual-partition routers) and to power off/power down


I'm familiar with SSH, but not the specific command to transfer or compress a file from the router.
I do have WinSCP and Windows Subsystem for Linux (Ubuntu)


@stangri picked up a refurb WRT32X, awesome router so far. A few posts up you were looking for info to improve advanced reboot with it. Is there anything I could post to help this project along?


Thank you. @spuriousoffspring had sent me the images of relevant partitions for both stock images and OpenWrt long time ago, however I still couldn't figure out the way how to retrieve the system information from those compressed images on-device.

If anyone has an idea how to do it, either hit me up or send a PR.


It was fixed in MASTER SNAPSHOT as of a week or two ago. I can't remember what the Change Number was or what was done to fix it, but I'm pretty sure it was somewhere in the Buildbot #180's.
I'm currently on OpenWrt SNAPSHOT r7478-16035a7 / LuCI Master (git-18.193.61091-777ffa9) which is Buildbot #190 and it's working fine.
Thanks again @stangri for all your help!


I've sent PR for the WRT32X support fix about a week ago, it's in trunk and has been back-ported to 18.06 tree (so I hope it would be in the release as well) and yesterday I've sent a PR to have the buttons show in important style, haven't checked if it's been back-ported to 18.06 yet tho.

PS. Thank you Bryan, it wouldn't have been possible without your help and testing.


Hi mate,

Many thanks for your efforts in creating great packages for our routers!!

Just picked up a GL-AR750S-EXT which features a NOR and NAND flash, is it possible for you to add support for this router?

Let me know if I can be of any assistance.

Happy holidays:)


How do you switch the boot partition on it?


I don’t think that device is “dual flash” in the same way these other devices are.
I believe it uses a 16MB NOR for firmware and a 128MB NAND for mass storage.

Under Openwrt, I think only the NOR is accessible.

I could be wrong as I never ended up with my hands on one of these.


Thanks mate, haven't had a chance to look into this yet, was travelling over the holidays. I beleive tgere is a waya to switch from nand to nor, I recall stumbling over a support question thread, routers early uboot ver had an issue where it would only boot into nand despite having flashed an openwrt nor fw.... There was a command you could enter to set boot to nand. I believe it's was the setboot command. Will take a look when I have time.


Under openwrt source NOR is only availble for compilation but the manufacture maintains a fork to enable nand functionality... I've compiled that fork and have a nand image now of Openwrt bleeding edge working great:)


Cool. Still doesn’t really make it applicable to this advanced reboot app in my eyes as it doesn’t alternate flash sysupgrading.

It’s a different use case altogether compared to all other supported devices thus far.

  1. Can you have two independent installs of different OSes on each partition, with their own settings, etc?
  2. Is there a shell command to switch "active" partition?