Web UI to reboot to another partition (for Linksys/ZyXEL dual-partition routers) and to power off/power down

almost forgot about this, after the modification to bootcmd

and setting boot_part to 2, it booted to the second partition. going to see if i can get it to work with the webui

problem is to correctly handle the recovery thing but guess you can ignore

yeah that is the only thing, ive noticed theres the Linksys E4200v2 that has its bootcmd modified, no clue as to what it is from the factory as i do not have one, just looking at its device JSON

oh also, what is labelOffset for and how can i figure out its value?

Sorry about delay in replying. It's the offset for the partition label information (OS, linux version, etc) from the partition holding that OS. If you dump first 1Kb and view it with the hex editor, it should either be obvious or missing. :wink: