Web server on Netgear EVG2000

Recently installed the firmware OpenWRT on the router Netgear EVG2000 .
I want to install a web server on it, and use the Localtunnel service to access it from the World Wide Web. Unfortunately, I do not have cable internet, so I use a 4G modem Huawei E8372h-153.
Advise which server is best to install on my hardware and how to get NodeJS to install the tunnel!

OpenWrt (at least the release builds) come with a webserver by default, uhttpd - but you really don't want to expose that to the security perils of the open internet (and yes, the same applies to the OpenWrt versions of lighthttpd, apache or nginx, you really do want a server- or general purpose distribution with regular in-place security updates instead). That out of the way, running nodejs on a 400 MHz mips CPU with 32 MB RAM does not sound like fun (nor doable in the first place), not that I'd expect you to have a globally routeable IPv4 address over LTE to begin with.


Then, as an alternative, you can take pagekite. I have installed additional storage for the software, a swap partition and space for other files.
I also installed PHP7 and the lighttpd server, but I can't figure out how to configure it - although I specified port 8080 in the configuration file, the server is running on port 80. To get to the router settings you need to stop lighttpd and reboot uhttpd.
Advise whether to put Apache on my router (I read that Apache needs a lot of RAM) or better to limit yourself to an alternative server.
In the future I plan to use the old PC for routing and the server, and for now it would be desirable to try the server on a router.

One issue has already been resolved! All you had to do was uncomment the string, not just specify the value :joy: .

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I would also like to know if you can install a server control panel, such as Cpanel or Vesta, on Openwrt. Creating and deleting a database from the terminal is not very convenient, not to mention granting access rights :confused: ...

It's the wrong tool for the job, not everything needs a hammer.

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