Web interface that does not require JavaScript?

I would like to be able to manage my router through independently-developed browsers like dillo and mothra. For this the interface needs to work without JavaScript, which LuCI cannot do. Is there any alternative that doesn't require JavaScript?

I am sure that older versions of OpenWRT had web interfaces that did not require JavaScript, which I would honestly consider. Anyone know when the JS requirement started?

There's this old project called X-Wrt which seems to have been accessible as an OpenWrt package at one point: "To use X-Wrt, install the latest OpenWrt trunk, and find the haserl webif package for your platform." I tried opkg search *webif* on 19.07.7 and got nothing. Is there still some way to use this?

Shell access via ssh is at your disposal.

It's just called "haserl", and if you want to write your own shell only web pages I suppose you could use it. It will be pretty slow and bland without JavaScript.

Gargoyle uses haserl, and makes extensive use of JavaScript to move processing from the router to the client browser.