WE826-T2 sim card router

I just bought WE826-T2 ... after first setting .. I go to for setting and I see it show openwrt LEDE menu... I have tried to find how to set APN for my Thailand sim card as follow.
 APN = internet
 Username= true
 Password = true
Authentication type = PAP
APN type = default
But I can't see any menu on how to set APN.
Anyone can help ... please
Thnks in advance

@supaart, welcome to the community!

Those configs are done on the command line at /etc/config/network - I'm not certain about the web GUI.


How to see the old config ... so I can keep it to use later in case of new config not work. I never do this before. thnks


The backup file is a tar file. It can be extracted and viewed on most laptop/desktop OSes.

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Thanks alot ... will try.. I never use it before and don't know anything about command line.