WE826-T2 Set Up

I have to admit I'm way over my head here! I purchased a WE826-T2 LTE Router and a AT&T sim card. When I connect the router via Ethernet cable and enter the command line they gave me it doesn't open the menu that my instructions show, it opens openWrt. My sim shows that it is READY, but it shows No Service by the ISP. My sim card supplier said to make sure the APN setting is set to Broadband. I can't even figure out where to check or change that. Someone Please help. Again, I'm in way over my knowledge base.

Was the device used?

No, brand new.

I'm confused.

You bought the unit new, but it came with openwrt?

What command line? And which instructions?

When I type in I get the screen attached.

Do you have anything under Network - Interfaces where you can add your APN?

I found it, had to check a box that said 4G Module, then typed in broadband on the APN line, then hit save and apply. So far it hasn't allowed my ISP to connect to a service,

This might be relevant

https://wirelessjoint.com/viewtopic.php?f=21&t=2051 , especially the 1st comment.

As it is now, you're not using an official OpenWRT firmware, getting support (here) will be hard.