WE826-T2 Issue Restarts continuosly!

Hi my name is Gabriel. First of all, thanks to be part of this community. This kind of forum helps people as me to have deeply understanding of some issues.

I've buyed from the company Zhibotong - China - a WE826-T2 4G Router. It arrived yesterday.
When I tried to configure it, i noticed that i loose the connection and it restars, I don´t know why, because i wasn´t aplying any configuration. So, later after configuring wireless it restart again. After a 5 restarts I could finish the configuration only to set up the wireless ssid. Then i could access only one webpage an the lights starts to blink and it restarst again.
So i noticed that flash version was too old. So I flash it to the "openwrt-19.07.3-ramips-mt7620-zbt-we826-16M-squashfs-sysupgrade" version, but i got the same problem after a few minutes, or after trying to have any traffic it restars. So I thought that it was a bad version and i flash the router to the last version of openwrt project "openwrt-we826-GO2020-03-01-upgrade" After a few minutes again the router restart,,,,,,,,
When I generate any 4G traffic it automatic restart.

So I don't know if my router has any hardware issue and i was cheated, or it is a well-known problem that anyone can help me to solve.

When I generete any 4G traffic it automatic restarts.

Thanks for your comments.

WE826-T2 16/128 MB.

I finally found the issue. It was a bad quality of power adapter.

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