WE826-T2 4G router broken component

Hi all, my WE826-T2 broken after electric chock. One little SOT23-6 SMD regulator is broken and 4G model do not work, all other functions OK.
Component code= BFBAE but I cannot find any info or cross reference what is equivalent component? There are three same kind of regulators near SIM card slot.
If someone have same type of router, please look inside and send info if your router have same or diffrent code component.
Thank you

You are unlikely to ever find the exact same component. There's so little space for markings on such small components that the couple of letters they can fit on there just ain't enough for identifying it, unless it's an extremely common one used by practically everyone.

Finding an equivalent is gonna be a bit of hassle and you may need to change the resistors to different values to match the output-voltage of the original one. Besides which, do you even have the equipment to replace it?

If you do have the equipment (and skill), you'll need to measure the input-voltage to it, then trace which pin on the M.2-connector it connects to, look up the pinout for M.2 to find out what voltage it needs to output, then look for a SOT23-6 buck-regulator on Digikey/LCSC/Octopart/etc. and find one with the same pinout as the broken part, and then proceed with checking the resistor-values to get it to output the desired voltage.

PS. Soldering 0102-size resistors is going to be a fricking pain in the arse, if you have to do it.

Hi, thanks for reply. I have good equipments (hot air soldering station) and also skills (I think). I only ask this matter if someone have this same router with different component code. This just to make sure if I could find just the right component.
I think it is 18V 2A Synchronous Rectified Step-Down Converter sot23-6 like this:
Pin layout and components for 5V seems to be same.