We3926 / WE826-T2 Cell Settings

Does anyone know what dial mode is on thsi 4g router. I can not get it to connect to lte network on tmobile or att

The choices I have are

Seems like a nice router just need it to connect via lte.

WE826: Usually with Quectel EC-25. Use PPP (3g) for it.

Should be what protocols could be used by the modem installed in this router?

Read the spec for the modem, for the popular mPCIe modems you will probably see QMI and/or MBIM there. Both are supported by OpenWrt. With EC25 use QMI. Do not use PPP. I suggest to use this OpenWrt-based firmware, especially if you want to avoid manual modem configuration.

I agree with AndrewZ you should use the firmware he recommended Rooter. I own this router and it is very easy to set up and use if you don't want to do anything fancy.

As with all things Linux seemingly, fancy is complicated.

I find this to be an invaluable resource for this router. The forum answers a lot of questions.

using the old blue firmware from ZBT the connection works in all mode ppp, gobinet and qmi using ec25 module from quectel.
In the opewrt zbt firmware the modem always works Gobinet. You can not change the mode of connection. To use serial mode, you need to modify a script to avoid that use the ttyUSB2 port to query parameters from the module.

However Gobinet has a problem. I think it is a issue of quectel or the driver because when internet drops, the module often never to recover the internet. Only restarting the interface the internet works again.

I don't know still why the module always lost the internet connection. Maybe is an issue of firmware or asking each 8 seconds the parameters of the module can create a overload :S