We use 30 Mbps connections

I was reading about WiFi 5, 6 and 7 to familiarise with nomenclature and specs. Discovery of the connection between number of antennas, spatial streams and such is fun. For when we will need to upgrade.

For about seven years now we have been sharing a WiFi 4 nano router, 1x1. Average data transfer of 30 Mbps per client. Up to five connections at the same time with an average of three. We have Gigabit internet at home. Symmetrical I think.

After realising the potential speed of newer solutions our current one felt odd. But then realised we are happy with that. Streaming videos, video calls, software updates the most heavy applications. Used with no particular care or restrictions. Home working also, even though almost convinced my wife to exclusively use cable for that.

Question: why should I care to upgrade beyond something like GL-Inet N300? Would double our data rate per client already. Why, forward looking, may become a problem? Thanks in advance for sharing.

if you don't have an issue with the (imho) slow speed, why should you ?


I understand the immediate reaction. Was also mine. But we never noticed long delays. Also for cloud syncs.

Checking upgrade options from time to time when manual rebooting becomes more frequent. But then goes back to normal and more years pass. At this rate it may last forever.