We need ath79 on TP-Link wbs 210 and 510



You mean TP-Link CPE 210/220? At least in version 2 of the CPE210, the WiFi does not work (ath79).

I'm not in that phase of porting firmware to a device yet. I'm sorry.

Unless you do it yourself, or find someone willing to do it for you (and likely sending them one of each, permanently), it is unlikely to happen anytime soon, if at all.


thanks for replying i cant do it myself. WBS 210 and 510 has support on AR71xx but i realised its no longer being updated and everything moved to ath79. I have installed the latest ath79 on my cpe 210 and it works very well so thats why i really would like them to add support for wbs 210 and 510 i have both outdoor routers working but i have dbm power issues with both on ar711xx

you can help by compiling image yourself with the changes from https://github.com/openwrt/openwrt/pull/2468 and verifying it works as expected

I cant do it its not my thing I can only install it if I could have done it no reason to ask devs.

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Ok I need it for outdoor ptp connection and I have used tp link software but its not as stable as openwrt. So im looking for one that is supported can be an ac router 5ghz that can fit on the dish antenna from tp link I have it setup on

Can you recommend anyone that can be used with the antenna? I checked out Ubiquiti Rocket AC R5AC-Lite But its not supported by openwrt

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I add WPS210v1 support for ath79 here and am looking for testers:

is there any way you can increase the wbs 510 v1 power to at least 18dbm in client mode on channel 36

The available txpower is determined by the regulatory domain and the antenna gain reported by the driver. I'm not aware of driver problems on this device, most probably you need to set the correct reg domain.

Well, without any reasonable data I can just guess what's happening. Despite, I think this should be discussed in a separate thread.

they do not believe me and they have said severl things to me so i just left it alone but i honestly like the new software over 17.07.1 its just that i get very low speeds. i was told by one of the team workers that the dbm software was caped for people like me that was so disrespectful i said i only need 18 dbm at least becasue ive tested it on 18 1bm on 17.07 and its working reasonably but i got disrespected

I tried the 2dbi 5ghz antenna on the wbs 510 v1 and i still get 7bdm max power my country limit is 23 dbm. no matter what antenna i try. I tried ddwrt on my other tp link device 5ghz and i get 20 dbm of power on channel 36 im telling why is it so why cant openwrt devs admit that the tp link has an issue with the dbm power. I have this dir 835 from dlink and i get 20 dbm power on 5ghz for my country

Well, as long as you are not providing any interpretable data to discuss on, nobody will be able to help you.

Reasonable data to discuss would be:
A combination of OpenWrt version, device, region/regulatory domain set, max. allowed power in that domain, reported txpower, and if applicable txpower/antenna_gain you set.
Any discussion of your problem will only be possible if we receive a full dataset like this for each situation you want to discuss.

If you just provide some mixed numbers without clear link between them, I cannot tell anything.

Despite, as I understand it, the WBS devices don't come with antennas by default?

Its all good im over that stupidness. The support here is bullsh..it tho. I took several screenshots and nothing. Image one dev had the nerve to tell me the dbm power is correct when several openwrt updates have different dbm power ratings.
Say I downloaded the January update the dbm is 7 the February update the dbm is 13 the march update the dmb is 4 makes no sense.

Mail](https://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkId=550986) for Windows 10

sorry no it does not come with antennas but they said the driver determines the power from the antenna gain but i tried several antennas an it still only 7dbm. A frieng of mine i using the Mikrotik RB911G so i wil lget rid of the tp link and use that one instead so if u like i can gift u the wbs 510