We keep seeing the splash screen when you switch from multiple ap devices to another

My openwrt device is Xiaomi 4c router. Unifi is ap and we don't use openwrt. I can explain the connection process. First we get the internet on Xiamoi router with LAN. After that, the Xiaomi router connects to the hub, and the final ap distributor can be connected to a laptop, computer or mobile phone, etc. This is my link loop. We checked the roaming features of AP devices, but there is no problem. I am looking for a solution to this problem.

what splash screen ?

Internet users enter some of their information before getting access, and this is the name we give to this screen.

How is this captive portal configured on the OpenWrt?

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We have another server we manage openwrt splash screen comes from there.

If you mean that the splash screen is coming from a unifi controller, then OpenWrt is not involved in this. The access points redirect the users to the unifi controller hosting the captive portal. If they are in different networks, you may need to allow it on the firewall.

We don't use firewall but problem not solved. We tryed to 802.11r protocols but nothing change.

You are not providing enough information for us to help you.

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If I need to explain the situation again, xiaomi is my openwrt device. We receive the Internet via WAN via Xiaomi router. APs are connected by LAN. APs are dumb. There is no my own DHCP server and they are use Xiaomi distributes IP.They use Xiaomi as dhcp.

You're not explaining the situation. You're providing the bare minimum information which tells us precisely nothing other than the most high level details of your setup.

What splash screen are you seeing? Assuming it's for a captive portal, what device runs the captive portal? Is the router (assuming the xiamoi device) running standard OpenWRT or a customised version?

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Seems like a job for a network administrator, consider hiring one to do the job.