WDS on Linksys EA8300 (Dallas) - OpenWrt 23.05.3

Hello guys, I am new here and this is my first post.
I rather have a question than ask for support, maybe I don't understand how WDS works.
I own 2 identical devices Linksys EA8300 with OpenWrt 23.05.3 r23809-234f1a2efa on both.
My intention is to make them work in WDS mode, one is in my front balcony, the other is in my back balcony. The distance between them is about 20 meters, so you can tell it's not a coverage issue since a single of these devices can easily cover those 20m. It's more like me playing with this than required...
But, I do have a question though.
The WDS is apparently properly set, although on the WDS client I never see any associated devices. To me that looks weird. I always see just the 2 BSSID from the master WDS.
Is that normal?
I should mention that firewall and DHCP/DNS are disabled on both devices since I have a different box with Pfsense on it.
Any thoughts?
Thanks in advance.
PS: if you need an excerpt of my configurations on the 2 devices, please ask. The main router is set to AP(WDS) and the client to Client(WDS)

You need to create an AP in the WDS client.

Finally, add a new Wi-Fi network if you want to enable wireless access to the network. It can have the same name (SSID), password and settings as the access point, to allow transparent roaming, or they can be different. When creating the new Wi-Fi network, under General Setup, ensure that Mode is Access Point and Network is set to lan.


Wow, thanks for the answer, I cannot figure out how the heck I missed that. In my mind, I thought that there was already one AP and the WDS should use that. Now, I realize, the existing AP is used to communicate with the master WDS, and the new one to serve clients. Logical, but not that obvious (for me anyways).
Thanks a lot for the hint, it works like a charm now!


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