WDS Compatibility?

I was wondering if OpenWRT is compadible with other chipset routers when setting up WDS

On DD-WRT firmware I cannot set up WDS because my TP-Link 1750 v2 and Netgear WNDR3400 are on different chipsets. TP is Atheros and Netgear is Broadcom I believe.

So, just wondering if it's the same issue here.

OpenWrt has little support for Broadcom wireless at all. The WNDR3400 can run in a wired role but only one of the hardware versions can any wifi be brought up, and it will only be a basic AP in 2 GHz g mode.

A type of WDS is now part of the IEEE standard and works fairly well between the open drivers for different chipsets such as Atheros and MediaTek.

WDS, itself, is not standardized, though the 4ADDR that underlies it is. Within a given distro, it is implemented by the “vendor” as they see fit. OpenWrt <=> OpenWrt, assuming driver support, should be compatible. Other devices (Orange APs come to mind) may not be.