WDS bridge only half WAN speed

my setup looks like following:

router 1: access point (wds)
router 2: client (wds)

both are connected over 5ghz 300.0 Mbit/s, but the clients which connect to router 2 only get half of the wan speed, which is 5mb/s. do i miss something?

How did you measure the speed? And how far apart are the routers?

Also could you try to connect a wired device once to the main router and another to the client router and measure the speed for both cases?

In general, wireless bridges halve traffic speeds, as the same packets must travel on both sides.

i measure it on googles speedtest, speedtest.net and fedora download.

router 1 is a bit away (next flat), router 2 is next room.

if i connect with the same wifi adapter (5ghz) to router 1, i get fullspeed without any problems.

Then it's likely to be that the WiFi speed is decreased due to the distance.

Try using 2.4 GHz for WDS and see if this solves the problem.

You could also try 5 GHz N rather then AC.

Or you could, of course, try to move one or both of the routers to make them close to each other. Also the type of obstacles between them matter, so a thin wall would affect the signal less than a thick wall would do, and a brick wall is better than a reinforced concrete column.

Yes, but isn't it the bandwidth that's halved? I mean if presumably we get 300 mbps of the 5 GHz band, then that will be divided between the two segments, and then the speed of each will decrease with its distance?