Wdr3600 v1 ath79 5GHz low range, 2.4GHz packet loss after days

latest ath79 stable builds seem to cause 2 issues:

  1. The 5ghz wlan1 has very low range like 1-2 meter maximum.
  2. After a few days of uptime: high packet loss occurs on the 2.4ghz (have not tried lan), that needs restarting.

kind regards

Same issue?

Try ar71xx builds for 19.07 or 18.06.

Probably yes, could be the same.
Will test recommended builds


after a few hours of operation packed loss comes at 2.4
can be fixed if interfaces is restarted but occurs after a while again,
is it maybe old age?

moved back to ar71xx, so far no random packet loss has appeared on wifi 2.4. Wifi 5 still has significantly lower range, but overall operational.
Perhaps 18.06 would perform better

After a week running ar71xx 19.07 random packet loss on wifi 2.4 comes randomly at least once every two to three days. The packet loss is usually detected when on a teleconference, informed by others in the call, otherwise will stay undetected.
Packet loss is fixed if wifi interface is restarted on time, otherwise a complete hang occurs.
wifi 5 has lower signal all the time and did not test.
will try 18. version next,

Does anybody know if this problem has a bug reported on
bugs.openwrt.org ?

After reverting to 18.06 Wifi 2.4ghz seems stable so far, Wifi 5ghz is running with very low signal-range.Additionally discovered after reading this thread that the particular device has an AR9580 interface instead of an AR9582 that is described usually. Could that be the cause of the low performance wifi 5ghz?

At the moment wdr3600 v1 with ar9580 interface, 18.06 is working ok for 2.4 ghz. 19.0* versions have reduced performance and random packet loss.
Wifi 5ghz has limited signal on all firmware.

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Continuing the discussion from Wdr3600 v1 ath79 5GHz low range, 2.4GHz packet loss after days:

1.Installed stock firmware.
2.Updated to latest stock through stock.
3. Reverted back to openwrt, 18

has fixed issue of low 5ghz wifi signal,
overall performance increased ,
no wifi drops or packet loss so far,
Have not tried 19 yet.

Everything ok now .

thanks to the community of OpenWrt.

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