WD MyBookLive shutdown

Thank you for all your answers.
WD Mybook live is my second drive, it is the drive I use as Backup as my Synology, hence the Rsync requisite.

I have some reading regarding to backups, it will certainly help my strategy :slight_smile: TY


Sorry to revive this thread but as I saw tour post was edited early this year I guessed it would not be much of a problem.

There used to be a rather ugly and very hack-y way that replicates that "fake shutdown", but that does not work anymore with current versions of OpenWrt, so there's no point in describing it here.

I take it you are referring to this thread:
[[Solved] Poweroff My Book Live (instead of reboot) - #27 by chunkeey]

I recently scored a practically new MBL 1TB for a song and as I was needing a simple (ie: inexpensive) NAS, I took it home and installed the latest OpenWRT on it.

Strange choice but there is not much else out there for 32bit ppc these days.
But it works, is very reliable and updated frequently.

The first thing that got me was that shuting it down was not an available option so I went looking for something and found this and the previous thread.

Q: does this option still work?

I think there is a hdparm, sdparm, hd-idle feature that does this: [spin down attached hard disk link]

I don't want the drive spinning all the time and unplugging it while it is energised does not suit me too well.

I'd try to hack a script to sync and spin-down or something like that.

Thanks in advance.