WAX206 use WAN as LAN

I have a wax206 which I'm using as dumb AP and switch, currently openwrt 23.05.0 is installed on it. It's connected to an openwrt main router.

The dumb AP config states you should use one of the LAN ports to connect to the main router, which is the case for now.

However I will be switching to a new main router which can supply 2.5Gbit network on LAN.

Therefore I would like to add the 2.5gbit wan port to LAN so I can connect the wax206 via the fastest connection. Other benefit is that it frees up 1 LAN port on the wax206.

How can I best achieve this, preferably by using Luci?


Many thanks, I'll try this evening when I'm back home!

I meant to communicate back, this worked indeed, thanks again!

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