WAX206 low disk space

Hello, previously I had Asus rt-ac58u running OpenWrt. I bought Netgear WAX206, installed OpenWrt and to my surprise only 18 MB of disk space is available to me.

245mb is temp space. Is this correct (page says it has 256MB NAND)? My old ASUS only had 128 MB, but 56 MB was available as disk space.

temp (/tmp) is RAM
the 206 is a dual flash device.
free space really comes down to flash lay out, made by vendor, openwrt tries not to touch it.

Sorry for my question but what dual flash means?

that it was a backup image stored on the flash.

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Oh, ok, thanks for your response. So I need to make good use of that 18mb I have left :smiley:

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