Wavlink WL-WN579X3 side switches

I was happy to see that these are officially supported 22.03.0. Thanks devs for making this AP/Router work effortlessly.

This device has a switch on the side that has three settings, AP/Router/Repeater.

I'm curious to know if this physical switch is exposed in some way in OpenWRT software or if it's possible to change config based on this switch.

Has anyone played with this sort of thing on other routers with extra switches or buttons?

The state of the switch shouldn't be too hard to query via a hotplug script, once you have exposed it via its DTS (didn't check) - acting on that information the way you seem to envision would be a different question (OpenWrt isn't as much of a walled garden than your run off the mill vendor firmware, it can't just stomp over existing configurations without very nasty side effects, as you don't know what the user has installed).