Wavlink WL-WN575A3 TFTPD

I own a a WAVLINK WL-WN575A3 and would love to flash it but I'm having trouble setting up the TFTP
Trivial File Transfer Protocol server to work, now I've set the root folder to the one with the firmware and hold the WPS button but nothing happens. Could it be that I need to set my IP to a static one??

instructions say
Set your computer to


== static, yes, or fixed lease in the DHCP.

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thanks for that, i have my spare windows 10 machine ill try that on.

okay Im getting somewhere ... get a192.168.10.100:---- (----)random numbers followed by Access Denied

also says 1 Request Waiting

a screenshot perhaps ?

and don't forget to disable the windows firewall.

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I’ll grab a screenshot when I get home and disable the firewall .. cheers for the help

Okay so got it to upload the firmware.bin … but I let it restart and still can’t login to it.


thank you @frollic

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