Wavlink WL-WN570HA1

not much information about this device. One thread starter is saying he is getting 0dbm?
Is the snapshot working?

@andy_k, welcome to the community!

Can you provide more information - are you asking a question; or do you have an issue with this device?

  • Can you post a link to this thread?
  • The GUI showing 0 dBm is common when there's no client associations

Is there some reason that it wouldn't be working?


I got this device and the original FW is very crappy so I'm looking for a way to flash it.

This guy is having problems with dbm

I just wanted to collect some user experiences.

Did you see the flashing instructions?


Flashing instructions:

Factory U-boot launches a TFTP client if reset button is pressed during power-on.
Rename the sysupgrade file and configure TFTP as follows:

 - Client (WL-WN570HA1) IP:
 - Server IP:
 - Filename: firmware.bin


it's not working. I set up a tftp and can make a local get. Set NIC IP to, ethernet cord directly to WN570HA1, plug in the WN570HA1 with reset pressed (only one LED is solid) but tftp put fails. also can't ping it.

Wonderful; and what about a Local PUT to

no. can't even ping .101

Original firmware of October 19 (190807) if someone wants to roll back.



I just flashed my repeater. Everything works, but I can only set 24dB on wifi: in original firmware I could connect better, probably few more dB. I try to change manually txpower but nothing changed (in summary it revert from 24 to default driver, same 24) . Anyone report a better configuration? THANKS!

Por acá tengo este equipo (WL-WN570HA1) y el firmware que trae originalmente está bastante pobre. Quisiera ver como flasheo la Eeprom con mi programador para una versión de OpenWRT que ya esté lista, o si no, volver a instalar la misma versión que trae de fábrica. Yo le realicé una salva al firmware que trae de fabrica, pero la perdi. Y ahora tengo el equipo sin utilizar, esperando alguna de estas opciones.

En espera de alguna ayuda
Yuri desde Cuba,,

Intenté entrar y descagar lo que pusiste en : https://file.io/NJYmKc
pero me dice que ya no esta disponible puedes ayudarme ??

mi correo es yuriabcruz@gmail.com

Thx i may have to. I have been using the ROM for serveral months, i can confirme than 2,4ghz wifi works great, and overall the rom is stable. How ever Im afraid 5GHZ network is not working. My AP is having the same issue described in this link: https://github.com/openwrt/mt76/issues/227 Im currently using openwrt 19.2 master. The 5GHZ network starts working after a restart but only in auto if you choose any chanel then it is all time inactive. Even in auto after a few minutes the radio starts to fail and soon there is no way to stablish a connections through 5 ghz network.

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