Wavlink WL-WN530HG4 installation support

hi everyone

followed the installation steps from

used the initramfs to update from the stock firmware


the used the squashfs to update using sysupgrade


my issue is

i get Luci using initramfs installation , but no persistence of configuration
when i update using squashfs , i can ssh to the AP but no Luci

which file should i use to update and still have luci


problem solved

dont use the firmware listed on the link above

use the firmware listed from the firmware selected tool


Those are different versions...so something may be wrong between firmware.

recovery mode on WL-WN530HG4

power up while holding the reset button
connect ethernet to port 1
tftp server to listen at
file name: firmware.bin

used this version to solve the problem


That link is different...

21.02.2 vs 21.02.3

So not sure if that means you posted the wrong one.

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