WAVLINK(Win-Star) WL-WN570HA1 "snapshot"

I'm feeling really stupid today just cant seem to figure it out. Nothing new for me, I can generally do ok with DD-WRT but often totally lost in OpenWRT. And I'm supposed to be a network guy...
I guess a CCNA and a lot of hands on experience don't count for much anymore...
Ok Im done. sorry for whining

Getting to the point, I'm looking for firmware for WL-WN570HA1,
but you just offer "snapshot"
OK, I'm willing to have a go, install LuCI...
but "snapshot" just takes me to an explanatory page, where is the "snapshot"?

I have two of these and they perform really well, but the firmware is so crappy you cant even set the IP address. Unit is made by win-star (I think) and marketed by a few other brands, such as WECO.
I tried all the firmwares I could find for it but they all deserve major criticism.


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I'd like to compile Freifunk-Gluon for the device, but I can't seem to make out the reason for the device still being snapshot. Is there a reason for that and a way that I can contribute so that the device is included in the next release?

Simple reason: Support for this device has been added only on 28-Nov-2018, and since then there has been no new release (19.x) of OpenWrt.

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