Wavlink or Winstars?

The company Winstars produces many wireless routers, access points, range extenders, etc. However, they only sell wholesale. Wavlink's products, on the other hand, can be purchased from various online stores in various quantities. As far as I am aware, the Wavlink brand is owned by Winstars and all the devices in their catalogues appear to be identical.

Therefore, should both brands continue to exist in the ToH? Wouldn't it make more sense for techdata only to exist for the Winstars models, but then device pages could include a note about "The Wavlink model by the same name is literally the same and can be flashed in the same manner"? It would seem pointless to have duplicate entries, or have some devices listed under one brand and others under the other (as is currently the case). See WS-WN583A6. Its Wavlink counterpart is known as WL-WN583A6. All other devices, however, are the exact opposite. Listed under Wavlink, but not Winstars.

Finally, there's an entry for the WS-WN532A3, which isn't technically supported. While it does "work" with firmware created for the WN575A3 (or probably any other device from the same target), it has different LEDs and a different number of ethernet ports. It should probably either have it's own profile, or be listed as unsupported.

Personal opinion only
if there are differing models & brands there should be entry's for both
people should not guess if a model matches another this will lead to bricks
they should only use firmware matching the brand & model as stated on the unit
its bad enough having V2 's of some devises as the 1st version is not labeled V1

I do want to add something here there has been a lot of work towards
giving some order to openwrt the difference between v19 & v21 is big
for things like the firmware selector it all starts to come together
I remember hunting firmware for my EA4200 it was all unsure due to is being call viper
& sharing models with another as well
but in V21 they are nicely under there correct model name & number
this make life so much easier and less confusing
I think it's a good move towards this and thank the people for moving towards this
there will always be cases like the Netgear R6220 & R6230
that uses the same Netgear file as with the EA4500V1 & V2 & E4200
I even this maybe this need a second entry
but then what about V1 & V2 sharing firmware
there has to be a line somewhere tho