Waver firmware

Did anyone knows about this product and firmware? https://www.wavertech.eu/downloads/ can we install it to other devices or input on openwrt?

Install what?
Input ?

They appear to be a set of fancy customised Mikrotik RouterBoard devices with some highly bespoke additional software to manage them in hotels, pubs, restaurants and the like. They include a remote management system, captive portal, company branding, reporting/logging/auditing, compiling user info and exporting it to ESP & CRM systems and that's not even scratching the surface.

I doubt we'd be able to simply download a software update and bodge it onto OpenWRT, not least because the license prevents that.

this firmware to another device

You want to put the Waver firmware on non-Waver devices, or Openwrt on Waver devices ?

i see some intros about this firmware and really is very impressive

i ask if we can put waver to non waver devices or if exists something similar like this

Then you should ask Waver, not us, but the answer will be a hard no.

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my friend when someone asks a question in the forum you don't need to be so argumentative.....It was just a question and you could answer that you don't know by answering like that.......I really liked this project and I said to publish it in case some member from the forum knows something. Kindness is not a bad thing

Did you read their license terms? In short it says "no you can't". "The software is leased, not purchased" and "you may not install the software on non-Waver devices".

So as @frollic suggests - they'll say no.


I thought I was the opposite...

But I did know?

It's (c), unless any of the members work there, it's highly unlikely.

You could however ask for the sources, based on GPL, if they use Openwrt.


Closing this topic since it is unrelated to OpenWrt (even if it is actually a fork of OpenWrt; support and questions should be directed at them --- this forum cannot offer any such support).