Watchguard T-Series

I had a look at Watchguard T-Series Hardware Guide.
these Models may work with openwrt.

T15 NXP P1010 1GB 1GB flash[CPU*~]=1010

T20 NXP LS1023A 2gb 4gb eMMC ???

T30 P1011 1gb 8gb
T50 P1020 1gb 8gb[CPU*~]=1020

T35 NXP T1024 2gb 16gb msata

T55 Intel N3060 2gb 16gb msata

did someone try one of these ?

You're missing the T10

T10 NXP P1010 512MB 512MB

These all have a version with wireless also, T10 has AR9582 and T50 has QCA9880 I don't have access to others. I haven't had time to try any of them yet.

ok - if the T10 is a NXP , then its interesting ( its dirt cheap )
but I didnt find CPU info on T10 other then Power Architecture® Single Core
T10-d also has a buildin VDSL Modem.

I actually have the T10-W on hand and created the wikidevi page at WatchGuard T10-W. This page contains images of the board.

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any specific reason you're looking at them ?
ebay is packed with cheap x86 based networking hardware...

(should probably define cheap though).

cheap around 10-20$ , very low power consuption 2-8watt, compact design, 512Mb flash
USB and Serial Port outside ( no need to open box )
and from Watchguard you can expect good reliability

you could add the sw301da to the list, but they're getting hard to find, cheap, and perhaps cr25ing/cr25wing.

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looks like t30 already works

hier some inside photos:

maybe also xtm33 is an option

I will work on porting any of the T* and P*-based (PowerPC QorIQ) Watchguard boards that haven't already been ported, once I have JTAG working on one of them (should be the next few weeks).


I am contemplating on whether to buy used Firebox T40. Is there any progress on support for T series.

And thank you for everyone involved in this project!


Has already got OpenWRT running on Firebox T40?

Greetings Franko