Warning while upgrading to latest firmware (swconfig to DSA migration)

Model: Xiaomi Mi Router 3G
Current Version: OpenWrt 19.07.3
Latest version: OpenWrt 21.02.1

While trying to upload the sysupgrade file, I am getting below error. I have taken backup (tar.gz) just in case.


Should I ignore this warning and force upgrade? Will the backup save my ass?

does the SHA match ?

upgrading from 19 to 21 usually requires a reset of all setting, due to migration from swconfig to DSA.

Good call. Take note of /etc/config/network changes.

You should follow the advice and "wipe config during upgrade".
So, unselect the "Keep settings"...

The backup will brick you if you restore it to the new firmware.
The old network config (/etc/config/network) is not compatible with the new DSA switch config.

Usually all other config files are compatible.
("system" may have a wrong LED config, but does not brick you.)

You might also read this for a quick & dirty approach...

Yes the SHA does match.

How do I migrate the configuration after upgrade? I had a very had time configuring the network last time don't want the hassle again.

What I did was use a file compare app (BeyondCompare) to see the differences between the old config and the new config...and use that as a guide.


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Hey, after using the compare on the config/network file did you replace with the missing ones?

Because @hnyman mentioned old config is not compatible with DSA

The main difference is in /etc/config/network. In general only migrate settings that you have changed, since the default sections of most of the configs have also changed over the years.

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