Want to start building images, but need a little help

Hi everyone
I'm currently starting to learn how to build my own images for my OpenWrt devices.
It all started with me flashing my WAC104 from Netgear with a snapshot,
and after getting luci installed, I wanted to flash a newer one.
I was looking around in "menuconfig", but I can't seen to find the wac104 there.
I know its a MT7621 & a castrated version of the r6220.
I seen to be missing how to add the target or something....
Could anyone share with me how the build process works in a flowchart/dummie kind of way?

All laid out in the wiki: https://openwrt.org/docs/guide-developer/build-system/use-buildsystem

Take your time to read through it and you can get going.

Edit: the forward slash works as a search function, so use that and enter your model name - see where that gets you. Also helps to check the download URL of the official OpenWrt image as well as the device's wiki page; both disgust specify target and subtarget. If all that doesn't yield any results, there's still git grep.

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Hi if you are a windows user like me you can build OpenWrt using wsl.