Want to add new wiki page

@wiki-account I am looking to add a new wiki page, and the instructions arre vague on how to contact a wiki admin for that (I have a wiki account already, just not permissions to create a new page).

I want to create a wiki page for how to build OpenWrt ON OpwnWrt. I created a howto forum post (slash arcticle) already. I think it would make sense to put this on the wiki and maintain it there.


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Where exactly are you having problems?
What exactly have you already tried to create the new page?
Where do you want to create that page?
Do you get any error message?

Sorry, PEBCAK problem. I see now that I have permissions.

Now that I have you here, though, do you mind if I put in: Documentation -> Developer guide -> Toolchain -> Building OpenWrt ON OpenWrt

That seems to be the most sensible location.

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Ok for me.

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