Want some recommendation on buying a IPQ4018 device

I need to buy a new router, and come to compromise on a IPQ4018 device. Please help me to choose one. Thanks!

Linksys EA6350: more RAM/ROM (256MB/256MB), but need luck to get a v3, also no stable builds.

Asus RT-AC58U: less RAM/ROM (128MB/128MB), 15% more expensive, but has stable 18.06 build.

256 MB (or more) is required for dual, ath10k radios.

Reports of an EA6350 v4 include that it’s MediaTek-based device. Unconfirmed by me, but I wouldn’t dally if that your choice

“Stable” is really a non-issue, especially with v19.07 in RC.

Where are you located? Model availability is different in different regions.

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Issues due to low RAM are to be expected:

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I have EA7500 v1 and soon will try making an OpenWRT target device on it.

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That's a IPQ8064 device though.
It uses a QCA9983 which isn't listed on the ath10k supported devices list.

I buy RT-AC58U some weeks ago and impossible work with it without a crash

Thank you all, from your feedback it is quite evident that I should buy the Linksys router, not the Asus one.

And I've bought one yesterday with HKD470 / USD60 (it's cheap in HK). Fortunately it's the trusty v3, not the to soon-to-be-released v4. I have no faith in MediaTek, which is associated with a super large scale mobile phone backdoor.

Anyway, I still didn't test my router. As long as it's the right model I'm happy.

BTW, @pedrxd, maybe you can try disabling 802.11ac. It's sad and slower, but shouldn't be that bad. I am still using a 4/32 device before having this beast actually installed.

You could look for a NBG6617.
I use a couple of these and I'm happy with their proformace and stability.


@Notfast112 There's no NBG6617 for retail here in Hong Kong. :grinning:

I'll stick to that EA6350v3, and will continue to buy another or two when I have the time to set up the software (didn't even flash OpenWRT there yet.)

RT-AC58U is pretty stable with 18.06.5; May be because I'm using a swap drive and non ct wi-fi driver. I'm running : Adblock, SQM, Unbound, Tor, Shadowsocks, Mwan3, Transmission and others.

My EA6350V3 runs well on a recent snapshot (r11735) as long as I keep "bridge interfaces" checked in the physical settings of interfaces not bridged with any other interface (i.e., they are "bridged" only to themselves). Memory use climbs until the out of memory killer crashes the system one process at a time if I do not check "bridge interfaces." Other than that, I've been happy with it. 5G performance is great, 2.4G performance is OK. The physical foot print is small. It doesn't use a lot of electricity. CPU and memory capability is comfortable. Mine uses around ~60MB of memory running as an AP with 4 SSIDs (2x2.4G and 2x5G) with the ath10k-ct driver. I think you'll be happy with yours.

can you explain that better please?

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I wonder how it goes with RC2 with the "bridge interface" checked.

Actually I have followed your thread about the issue, and it appears to be one with VLAN/non-bridged interface rather than one with EA6350v3 or EA8500 drivers. Maybe some part of VLAN is eating up memory with unsent packets. If it crashes or refuses new packets for a reasonable amount of time, it qualifies as a bug (dropping packets, btw, isn't).

@lwchkg is correct. The specific issue was with an interface on a VLAN (though it was also the only interface without bridge interface checked in physical settings), and the same problem manifested itself on an EA8500 I set up with the same configuration for debug purposes, and also with rc1, rc2 and a snapshot at the time, and I also had the problem trying the non-ct ath10k driver. So correct - not specific to EA6350v3. I guess all I can really say I learned definitively is that I'm checking bridge interfaces in the physical settings of my interfaces from now on whether there is more than one interface to bridge or not. It's a simple thing to do, and everything is working great now.

The router was awesome when working correctly. Nice range of wifi (all my house was cover with it). Probably with a swap partition will fix all my problems.
Right now i am trying the EA6350v3 but has very low range of wifi. :frowning:

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