Want help with these Router&Access point!

Hello, before I start thanks for this awesome project I really like it and it's so good. I want to buy a router and an access point, but I don't know if they are compatible or not, I want your advice about which version of OpenWrt should I use on the router if it is working on it, and the access point should I download anything, or it's just plug and play. Sorry, I'm new in this, so I hope somebody can help me in it! What do you think about these 2 devices any recommendations or advice, your opinion would be very helpful to me! I want to use them for internet. Protocol is PPPoE. If you could explain in details, that would be great!

The computer will work, the AX3000 will however not be supported, because of the Broadcom chipset it uses

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I think that might depend on which AX3000 it is - there are a couple of TP-Link routers with that desig. Both the AX50 and AX55 are also known as AX3000. The AX55 is Broadcom, but the AX50 is Lantiq, and might (?) work.

"No, because of Broadcom" seems to be the answer to 1/3 of the new threads here. Maybe we should make a sticky post "Don't buy Broadcom, and don't come crying, if you already did. Better sell/return it, and check the HWDB first next time"

Been there, done that https://openwrt.org/meta/infobox/broadcom_wifi.


I know how to find that page, but a new user like the above does not see that info until someone posts a link to it in a reply.

It should be a StickyPost at the top, imho. And/or be shown in a pop-up, if a newish user types "broadcom" in their post: "Attention: Working on/with a broadcom device will likely be POINTLESS".

Realistically speaking, even if you make it 72pt., red, marquee/ blink and play a red-alert audio snippet before the user can register/ login, what are the chances that it will be read/ understood?

It's already documented, as you mentioned, the forum search is crystal clear about it as well. As I mentioned a couple of times, the mere passing of time will not change the situation[0], but many users believe in that to magically happen nevertheless.

[0] actually to the contrary, the older the devices get, the less interesting they are to potential developers


(Slightly) better that the current 0% ?
Plus, if you show it only to new members, then it's not a nuisance to the veterans.

The other thing is, people might not know about OpenWrt from the beginning, they just use whatever they have until one day someone tell them this new thing and then start to dig into it and figure out their router is not supported.

One could always maintain a not supported list, you just need a volunteer :wink:

That situation is why i proposed the second thing: A popup when in "post-creation"-mode, that appears, when the user types /broadcom/i or other expletives in the body or topic of their post. (For low-rep and/or new-ish users)

Or like the thing on the right side "It looks like your post contains references to unsupportable platforms: Broadcom devices should be avoided. Ideally sell/return it ASAP"

Access point 2: Ubiquiti UniFi 6 Long-Range
What about this access point is it compatible, if not could you recommend me a good Wi-Fi 6?

The table of hardware is the best place to start.

Thank you it is compatible, but I want to use Ubiquiti UniFi 6 Long-Range as a Wi-Fi to the Router from AliExpress Intel N100 Celeron N5105. Do I need to flash the Ubiquiti UniFi 6, or I can use it through the Celeron N5105 with openWRT and download luci things to make it work?

I'm not exactly sure what you're asking... but, for some context:

  • The U6-LR (as with all Unifi APs) is a purpose built AP device. If you use the vendor firmware, you need to use the Unifi Network Application (a free download; install it on a Mac/Windows/Linux machine, even a Raspberry Pi) for configuration. The UNA doesn't need to run 24/7 (unless you want to gather statistics), so you can just fire it up when you need to make changes to your network configuration.

  • Alternatively, you can install OpenWrt on the device. If you go this route, you'll be able to configure the device directly by means of the LuCI web interface and/or ssh and command-line configuration options.

Either way, you can plug it into your existing network and (once configured) it will operate as an AP.

But, in both cases, your existing router will not be able to control/configure your U6-LR -- you'll either use UNA (with stock firmware) or you'll log directly into the Openwrt web/ssh interface on the AP (if OpenWrt is installed) for configuration and control.

Does that help?

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