WAN6 Interface really needs "Use custom DNS servers" for IPv6

Hi, the WAN interface has this option in luci where you can enter DNS servers. WAN6 does not show this option. When I set up a 6RDs connection, it got the IP and everything, but the status overview screen did not show DNS servers present on the IPv6 WAN Status portion of the network section. When I entered IPv6 DNS servers manually in /etc/config/network then they showed up on the status overview screen.

Perhaps this is not necessary, and IPv6 is smart enough to know how to get the DNS servers directly from the ISP gateway, but I don't know this and I felt better for seeing them on the overview. If it turns out that they do need to be entered, then I would say this is a big oversight because I haven't yet seen it documented that if you want to use IPv6 you need to enter the DNS servers in the terminal and not luci.

Via Luci ....go to WAN6 tab...

Uncheck "Use DNS servers advertised by peer" then you can add the servers.
Then go to LAN tab.....

Here i have disabled IPv6.

Thank you, these images were useful to look at because they revealed that it is different if you are using IPv6-6RD which I am as my ISP only offers 6RD at the present time.

It is good to know that under a fully native setup it will demonstrate the expected behaviour.

This is what the panel looks like for me in Luci when under 6RD:

The interesting part is that I don't actually have a Wan6 interface, yet all online tests say that I have "proper" native IPV6, and it seems I do. I'm using a fiber modem in bridge mode, and the LEDE router is doing the PPPoE call. I have the following settings, but I don't see any IPV6 DNS in any status page, despite them being set in the interface and seemingly being accepted normally from the system. I have no idea if this is the intended behavior.

I know the thread is old but I have the same problem. Had any luck trying to find why is that?

When I add IPv6 DNS servers to my WAN, they save and work; but are not displayed with IPv4 servers on the Overview page.

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