Wan1 Issues after a Reboot

Sorry if this is random, just trying to get some help.

I'm running the newest version of rooter on a we826 with a mc7355 in it. After bootup from a fresh flash I have:

Lan: br-lan
Wan: eth0.2
Wan1: wwan0
Wan2: wan2
wan6: eth0.2
wwan: Master "no connection"

Any changes I make to wan1 (change to mbim mode) revert to default (dhcp client) after a reboot. Editing the /etc/config/network file via winscp reverts to default on reboot. I even wiped it out completely and it came back.

If I set wwan how I want, and shut off wan1, wan1 messes up my internet connection when it reverts after a reboot. If I setup wan1, it just reverts after a reboot.

Is there another file that I can edit to stop wan1 from reverting to its default state after a reboot?

Thoughts and suggestions are greatly appreciated.