WAN VLAN necessary?

OpenWRT creates a VLAN for WAN interface per default when installed.
I'm using a TPLink Archer v2, where the WAN interface is on it's own NIC (eth0).

Simple question: is a VLAN necessary? (currently eth0.2). If WAN has it's own nic, a VLAN on top seems redundant to me.

Maybe some network expert can share some insights? What do i miss?

It is necessary since the switch chip is a 7 port matrix which can switch any port to any other port. It is necessary to define VLANs in the switch to separate wan and lan traffic.


It then seems like this device is quite similar to WRT3200ACM where the switch also has 7ports.
Eth0 and eth1 is cpu connections.
Eth3-eth6 is on the plastic called Lan1-4 and wan.

Thats about it, what is LanX and what is Wan is only a matter of plastic words. In “networking” you can use them as you wish, sometime I would wish they didn’t called the ports LanX or Wan on the plastic and instead called them for what they are Eth[n].

The reason for two connections to cpu is only a matter of routing speed efficiency.
But with DSA at least in 21.02 you can only use one cpu port anyway.

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thanks for this quick Explanation. I do now understand the difference between what's labeled, and whats inside :wink: Will check out the DSA concept, as i'm running already on 21.02.

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