Wan to Lan, Homenetworking


i dont know much about Networking, and i installed a secound Router with openWRT in my network to use OpenVPN as a securitylayer for my privat network. Now i want to configure the Router not to use the switch. I want a connection between router1(fritz.box) that i have got from my IPS to Router 2 (Openwrt) about the Wanport of the OpenWrt Router.
I dont know how to manage this.

Can someone help me with a step by step tutorial.
The IP of the Wan is
The IP of the switch is


How is the switch involved?

Because otherwise, you would simply not plug into the switch. You need to explain more if there's a reason or more detail you omitted regarding the device.

When you use an OpenWrt router as the basis of a home network, consider the ISP box as strictly a link to the Internet. All of your devices will be on the lan side of the OpenWrt router. Connect one Ethernet cable from the OpenWrt router WAN to the ISP box. Do not connect anything else to the ISP box, either wired or wireless. The OpenWrt LAN must use a different IP range than the ISP box.

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