WAN through ssh access

hi all!
I would like that all my traffic passed through a vps server .
that all my devices (xbox,phone,notebook) which are connected to a router (with openwrt) had IP vps server that country in which I have a vps server

my router works on OpenWrt SNAPSHOT r7540-20c4819

If you're asking, I would suggest Wireguard VPN (understand its Beta Software). It's quite easy to setup in OpenWrt (with an understanding of VPNs, routing, etc.).

You mentioned SSH, though. Are you trying to setup an SSH tunnel?

exactly this

Here's a link to setting up an open tunnel. You would have to make a script that can login each time:

I've heard of software or configuration that will establish an SSH tunnel through a network interface, hopefully someone that can assist with that, as I'm not familiar.

it's not what I'm looking
what I need:
all devices connect to > wi-fi router(on OpenWrt) > through which all traffic goes through a SSH tunnel VPS

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