WAN speed issue

Several weeks back I noticed that my download speed drops from 300 Mbps to 40..60 Mbps while the upload stays at 300 Mbps. It can happen randomly within a day of a reboot or after several days. To rule out things, I ran the following test while in this state:

LAN -> WLAN      OK
WLAN -> LAN      OK
LAN --> WAN      Slow
WLAN --> WAN     Slow

The recovery is either a reboot or ifdown wan; ifup wan. My connection is PPPoE.

Any suggesting on how to debug this? Does not look like this is a hw or wiring problem, because recycling the wan interface always fixes it.

Some time ago (about 2 years), I had an Archer C2600 as main router having the same issue, upload speed was stable, but download speed no. After rebooting, download speed became stable again, but some hours later, once again the same problem. I did a lot of test and I never found any clue about where the problem it was (in stock firmware was working fine, no drops in download/upload).

After Archer C2600 a bought a x86 FanLess PC as main router, and for the last 2 years, never happened again, my download/upload speeds are stable with no more drops (600 MB symmetrics). BTW my connection is PPPoE.

Now, my C2600 is working as dump AP like a charm.

My advice, get an x86 Fanless router :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

That is very unfortunate; I am trying to minimize the number of devices to manage, though. I will wait for a bit longer; maybe someone else would have something to add.


You can try stock firmware, and test it again.

I am sure it will all work, but it is way easier to restart the network once a day.

I can't find any connection between your post and the topic.

Turned out this issue I am having is also present when the ISP's router/modem is used. I connected my router through the one from ISP (not a pure bridge mode, but a PPPoE pass through is supported), waited for a week, and was able to reproduce it with a speed test running on the ISP's router. So, this is not an OpenWrt issue.

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