WAN port not showing in the switch diagram in LuCI (TPLINK- TLWR740 N)

Buenas noches a este querido foro , estoy necesitando soporte con un Tplink tlwr740n en el cual cuando instale openwrt luci no me reconoce la interfaz WAN , serian tan ambles de explicarme por que esto ?, no me aparece en SWITCH y no tengo manera de encontrarla . A parte de esto luci se encuentran operativa en todas sus funciones

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In addition to Jeff's help, I think he is eluding to the fact that 4Mb devices are known to run into issues with current releases....

If you are comfortable with potential security risks, you might try previous releases.... perhaps 17 anything older and personally I would would be concerned about the risks...

If you run into troubles doing that.... tell us your device version and firmware version.....

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Good evening in this dear forum, I am in need of support with a tlwr740n link at the moment when the session opens luci does not respond WAN interface, would you be so ambles to explain why this?

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LuCI and the web server it runs on for small devices is not secure enough to be exposed to the Internet.

If you need to access your device from the Internet, SSH or using SSH to port-forward LuCI is perhaps the easiest. On tiny devices like yours it may be the only way. (VPNs tend to need more flash and RAM.)

thank you all for your answers, I will try with older versions and see what happens

Just to be sure, the router is working and you have Internet, but you cannot access LuCI when you are connected to the router from the WAN side (from internet or from the parent router)?

What @jeff was saying is that it's possible to do it, but it's not good idea to open LuCI access from internet. It will not be any safer in an older version.

If you explain more what you want to do, it can help.

the router is working and it has 4 ports lan orange color and a port wan blue color, my problem is that in switch only I see the ports lan (orange) and I do not see the port wan (blue)


I understand now. I edited the subject line so that it's clearer what the issue is.

I heard about the same issue in other models. Hopefully someone will have answer.

But other than not seeing the WAN port in the switch in LuCI, is there a functionality you cannot achieve?

then everything else is operational without any problem

OK then I highly recommend that you do NOT downgrade to an older version. Having the recent software release makes your router more secure.

We will see if someone has the answer if this the WAN port not showing is bug or if it's like that in some models for some reason.

First realize that there are many different versions of the WR740N with different chips and different firmware.

That is how the hardware works in most versions. The WAN Ethernet port is a direct link to its own CPU port eth0. The other CPU port eth1 goes through the switch to the LAN ports.

If you need to tag a VLAN on the WAN port, simply change eth0 in the wan physical settings to eth0.X.