Wan Mac randomization

good morning everyone, I need to deactivate the randomization of the Mac address on WAN but I can't understand how to do it, can anyone give me directions? Thank you

You should not do that, it will pollute provider's DHCP pool and likely you get kicked out once you exceed 1 or 2 MAC limit on connection.

that's not the default setting, how did you enable it ?

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this router only works as an AP and doesn't manage anything except wifi

then why do you care about MAC randomiation ?

I didn't enable it, it's a new router that acts as ap(wr3000) that replaced the old one. the problem is that with every reboot the Mac address changes and I continually receive notifications from the firewall for this reason

Got it, your kernel does not read correct MAC from OEM partitions.
You need to set fixed MAC address from router label into network connection via luci.
And report bug via github.
For more advanced excersise - back up oem mtd partitions and scan them for vendor's original MAC address.

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I Will try your solution when I go home later. Thanks

Because the firewall send me notifications on every reboot

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But report bug pleaseeee....

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Insert Mac manually works good.
How can I report bug?

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