WAN-MAC -- can't enable

Hello everyone,

I am trying to install this program here: https://github.com/janost/openwrt-wan-mac

After I logged into my openwrt router through ssh, and followed the instructions on the page above, I see wan-mac in the init scripts list in the openwrt router gui. Hooray!

However, my problem now is that the script shows a red "disabled" icon in this list. When I click on it, it turns green like all the other scripts, and reads "enabled". But when I reload the page, or navigate back to it later, the script is disabled again.

What's going on? I want to use this script on every boot, but it does not appear to be able to be enabled.

To enable a daemon, you just need to create a symbolic link at "/etc/rc.d/". See how other daemons do it, and try to do the same.

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